The OrthoWave Shoulder module is in the pipe

8 Aug 2009

OrthoWave has been designed from the very beginning as a gold-standard software of outcomes studies and evaluation in Orthopaedics, which means that it must allow for analyses in all domains of Orthopaedics. Of course the two main modules regarded the Hip and Knee Arthroplasty ones, and hence we have been continuously working during the past 12 years to settle a computer system allowing for covering (almost?) all needs and expectations of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Clinical Research Persons in the realm of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, so as to be able later on to adapt them to other domains in Orthopaedics.

The OrthoWave Computer System currently available can right now lead to development of other modules, and namely the Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA) and Knee Ligaments Injuries (KLI), while waiting for Spine, Ankle Replacement, or any other type of Surgery within the realm of “Evidence-based Medicine”…

As a matter of fact, the recent release of the Hip and Knee modules upon the new Ajax Web-based interface allows us at present to envision these new branches of OrthoWave, being said that any new development implies a heavy burden in terms of time and human resources. In such a way, since these new modules are extremely time and money consuming, they must in principle be of interest for a significant number of surgeons and future users, as well as meeting at best the expectations of these future users.

Thus before envisioning such a development, several conditions are mandatory:

– Firstly a consistent outline plan summing up the various entry data forms, as well as a clear approach of the new subject (windows, scoring assessments, graphs and schematics) and their particular specifications as compared to the existing Hip and Knee modules. This project is then adapted to the OrthoWave graphic chart upon a power point presentation…

– Secondly this project must be presented to as many groups of future users as possible, and duly analyzed by scientific experts in the related domain, ideally within the realm of Scientific International Societies. This protocol would allow for providing the widest consensus with respect to the analyzed items, the clinical scores, and the drawing up of surgical details… While this testing period comes to its end, the leadership of the current project must be defined, shared between several surgeons or surgical teams, who will be in charge of final selection of the most appropriate items, scores, organization of windows to be displayed in the module. This final outline would be at best submitted to the related Scientific Societies as well.

– The last step logically consists in transcription in computer language and routines of the given finalized outline, and their connection to the other functionalities and features of OrthoWave, be they statistics, image catalogue, export facilities, text editing or any type of reports. At each step of the development, a formal validation by the “Chiefs of project” allows for going forward appropriately while ensuring the most efficient and fast release of the new OW module.

With respect to the “Shoulder” module, it became obvious that shoulder replacement would be separated from pure trauma lesions or isolated ligament injuries, which would later on lead to specific new developments. Similarly, a second “new module” is already on trails which will be devoted to Knee ligament injuries. By the way, we will have to be extremely cautious while defining a further Spine module, about potential selection according to pathology (degenerative vs. traumatic) or topography.

In such a way, it’s our pleasure to propose the here attached first outline of this Shoulder Arthroplasty module (TSA). Just click on the thumbnail to launch the slide show, while going forth and back by using the arrows of the navigation bar. It is absolutely critical that each surgeon or clinical research person, who could be potentially interested in that Shoulder module, addresses us as soon as possible to deliver his comments, modifications, suggestions, and to make short, any useful information enabling us to go forth at second step of the process. We also need to appoint a Chief of project for this module, as well as to settle a certain number of “Key Centers” in order to validate it, in several countries. So do not refrain from getting in touch with us about whether this project looks of interest for you, and thus becoming an (enthusiastic!) contributor to OrthoWave. Hence your name would forever belong to the “Hall of Fame” of OrthoWave Stars and Stripes!…

We thus are eager to receive back your comments and suggestions in order to really launch the project, being said that once having been finalized the outline will only need a few weeks of development to be released as well. Your posts can be directly sent as an answer to this message, or by getting in touch with the ARIA Centre by phone (0033321531949) or by mail (mailto: .

See you soon to help providing OrthoWave new clothes in order for it to be more and more “the ultimate reference for outcomes studies in Orthopaedics”, and… Be OrthoWaved!