April 2008, see you in Madrid at our OrthoWave EHS booth !

5 Apr 2008

The coming EHS meeting next June in Madrid will be an excellent opportunity to officially introduce OrthoWave, since for the very first time a booth will be devoted in the Exhibition area to our Software Suite. We are anxious to meet our users, answer questions, record new ideas and proposals, and demonstrate the new features afforded by the current off and on line versions. An advertizing has also been planned on the cover of the EHS Scientific program, summing up the major functionalities of OrthoWave…

Clinical Outcomes in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, supported by Orthopaedic Surgeons

– Internet-based on line data capture, including x-rays, images, videos…

– Arthroplasty results and statistical analyses available in all major published scores

– High level of item customization, evaluations, and image management

– Certified data storage and absolute protection of privacy

– Tailored for any personal evaluation, multicenter studies and connection to Registries

The current OW version has been upgraded with traceability of implants and automatic add of ID components by optical scanner. In addition, the new windows devoted to Hip resurfacing X-ray analysis and radiological patterns have been designed and finalized thanks to the precious advices of Koen De Smet. No doubt all the enthusiastic proponents of this “less invasive” type of replacement will greatly appreciate… By the way, the promised “absolute encryption” of private data has been achieved, leaving the personal details encrypted on the Server. In such a way, we would have no longer fear about private data crossing over the frontiers! As pending projects, connections in a close future to National registries as NJR in the UK, French, Italian and Belgian registries, are in the pipe and would be soon available…

We would also thank our 604 visitors with 1127 visits on this www.orthowave.net web site since it has been officially launched last October, 2007. Our statistical indicators allow for listing visitors from 35 countries, such as France, UK, Italy, Belgium, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and South Africa, but also Germany, Netherlands, India, Japan, Greece, Thailand, Israel, Vietnam, Spain, South Korea, Venezuela, Chile, Hong Kong, Senegal and others… In fact, our visitors are mainly living in Europe with 86.9% of visits. However, we also list 4.1% from Asia, 4.0% from Americas, 2.9% from Oceania and 2.1% from Africa. This encourages us to launch as soon as possible new versions in various languages as the pending versions in Italian and Japanese, while waiting for other languages as Korean, Chinese, Arabic, and others, and without forgetting of course Spanish, German and so on… That worldwide use of OrthoWave within the global Orthopaedic Community allowing to share data and scientific studies over frontiers can be seen as extremely enthusiastic and refreshing as well. Be sure we will do our very best on this site to provide efficient information and help for getting user-friendliness at best within our Orthopaedic Community.

Anyway, do not hesitate to address us about any question or comment to be displayed through our FAQs section. In particular, installation of OrthoWave in General Hospitals often needs prior to any launch to be in touch with the IT person who is responsible for the local network, due to security rules, including firewalls and other filters and various procedures. Each case must be treated individually, in like manner as dynamic links of OW to existing “local” databases.

So, things are going very well with OrthoWave… We look forward to making you discovering and using more and more this awesome outcomes study tool. Do not miss the OrthoWave appointment during the Madrid European Hip Society meeting, next June 11th to 13th!…

“Be OrthoWaved…” and visit us at booth # 49 of the Exhibition area of EHS!!