Set Up of the new OW Servers

18 Oct 2009

The OrthoWave Data transfer on our new Global Servers Wednesday, October 7 has been successfully done. Thanks to these new servers, OW connections and EDC procedures will be even faster and easier ! Some adjustements are simply due now regarding images storage on the two different Java and Web servers.

The final transfer of the Servers has been scheduled on October, Wednesday 21st early in the morning, which might lead to slower response to get access to images and data, due to this scheduled maintenance window.

On the other hand, the OW users who get access to the DataBase through the online Java interface through firewalls and proxies, et who need a manual setting in order to appropriately monitor the entry port, must right now modify the settings according to the following:

1 – Within the “config” file, the “” address must be used instead of the currently used IP address…

2 – regarding network connection, through the 8080 port the IP address must remain unlocked, in addition to the existing, as follows:


Feel free to address us at any time at 0033(0)321531949, via mail or this message to get any additional comment or online help… Again thanks for your strong support and our apologies for any inconvenience caused by these major maintenance works.