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OrthoWave V6

the ultimate tool for outcomes studies in Orthopaedics

Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons, for Clinical Follow-up and Evaluation of Joint Arthroplasty in Orthopaedics

This software suite allows at best for friendly collection and management of any clinical or radiological data, images or videos, and offers a broad range of statistical analyses, secured storage and graphic enhancement of images and x-rays.

This multilingual software can be regarded as the most advanced tool for 'on real time' follow-up and evaluation in Arthroplasty.

Follow your patients

OrthoWave is a medical scientific software devoted to Clinical Research in Orthopaedics, and namely evaluation of results in Joint Arthroplasty...Evaluation has become a Master Word in the realm of Orthopaedic Surgery, which gets many actors involved in a huge challenge, be they Surgeons, Scientific Societies, Health Department Authorities, Journal Editors, and Orthopaedic Devices Manufacturer. The OrthoWave V6 software Suite, has been designed by Surgeons for Surgeons as the most competitive outcomes studies tool in Orthopaedics.

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Manage your Data

OrthoWave™ V6 enables friendly Data Collection through easy windows, with logical and hierarchic layout of fields and buttons. Data entry, facilitated by drop down lists, pre-designed items and short cuts, can be done either directly or through any optical reader gear. All items inputted in a specific language, are automatically translated into any other selected language, to allow international multi center studies… V6 provides one form per patient, and a sub-form per prosthetic component, which is mandatory for partial revision surgery to build in consistent survivorship analyses. Multicriteria Search engine allows for any kind of selection and sub-selection of criteria, including the self-customized items created by Users themselves .

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Insert your x-rays and videos

Get images being automatically linked to related Patient forms has been an outstanding progress by OrthoWave™… From the Patient form, simply click on any image stored anywhere on a hard disk, be it a radiograph or a colored picture, to get it instantaneously added to all other records of the given Patient. This image can be defined by key words, for easy search, and eventually scaled, modified and enhanced through the PictIn graphic module that allows for direct on-screen measurements.

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Draw up your Statistics

All statistics directly available... Any data, be they continuous or categorical, from either the Hip or Knee databases, or other modules, are directly linked to StatWave™, as the statistical module of OrthoWave™. Descriptive statistics (1 single variable), Group Comparisons (A single variable analyzed in two different cohorts), Cross Correlations (2 variables in the same cohort), Survival Analyses (one cohort or comparison between 2 cohorts), or again Map of Radiographic Patterns can be performed upon the whole population, or through a multicriteria selection of samples. For each analysis, tables and charts are displayed upon various modes. The User can get the choice of reformatting the various tables.

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Take advantage of the network

Even if some Surgeons classically prefer a 'solo work' option on their own database, while being a bit cautious about the Internet, it becomes obvious that Surgeons will more and more agree that sharing their database with others is a fantastic opportunity, or simply being able to work on their own database with no limits at OR, at office, at home, or elsewhere...

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Publish your Clinical Series

Publishing is the logical aim of any evaluation... OrthoWave™ allows to efficiently participate in the life of our Orthopaedic Community by offering a complete tool for preparing reports on Orthopaedic matters. Since it is always frustrating to spend a lot of time for years to feed the computer, without getting any investment back while trying to dig out the results at the end of the day, OrthoWave™ provides, as a single and complete software suite, direct access to clinical data, evaluations, complications, images, statistics, and thus makes studies to be carried out easy and immediately available without the help of any computer specialist…

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